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Imagine Crescendo Cross Junction
Eastbourne at Night Enigma Fusion
Fusion Junction Lava at Midnight Machu Picchu
Nemo's Playground Paragon Heart Past, Present - Future (In thought)
Past, Present - Future (Saphire) Past, Present - Future (Underground) Past, Present - Future (Scarlet)
The Caves of Mahala Saffron Wings Tropicana
Golden Tears Zion Atlantis
Renee Hunt has been painting for the past eight years and she has been selling her work in galleries for the past three years. She paints in her private studio at home which is situated outside, amongst a beautiful garden, where she is at peace with nature. Renee is mostly a self taught painter and has had training with fine arts at the School of Design, Weltech, Wellington. Renee’s father Ken Hunt is also a self taught artist/tutor specialising in realism and portraiture. To date Renee has sold over 100 paintings. Her work can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout New Zealand, and Australia.

Renee is not a conceptual painter. She prefers to paint in the moment, sometimes inspired by images she has captured digitally, but mostly aspires from her own thoughts and imagination. She responds to her emotions and feelings translating them to abstract images on the canvas. Music is an integral part of this process in which Renee enters a world not our own from which she draws a semi conscious inspiration, which provides a delicate balance between control, and freedom from conscious thought. She uses a variety of materials and applications as well as hands on painting, preferring to apply paint directly to the canvas with palette knives, an assortment of brushes, and sometimes using her fingers. This is an organic process allowing direct translation of her energies onto the painting support. Because of her dedication to her craft Renee often paints into the small hours of the evening.

Her works vary with her day to day experiences, so her repertoire consists of a variety of images and styles. She likes to experiment with textures, applying her paint layer after layer, until she achieves the visual effect that she feels in harmony with. Her palette covers the full spectrum, nearly always incorporating gold and gold leaf. This is an intuitive process aided partially by a controlled environment, involving sound and light.

At the end of the day Renee wants to express herself, honestly while enjoying her work, and produce a unique insight into her own world so other people can share and enjoy her creativity. Renee currently exhibits at New Zealand’s premier gallery, Rona Gallery, Eastbourne, where she has been a regular exhibitor since Feb 2005.